How to play online kriegspiel chess

Are you an experimental type of chess player who wants more and more challenges from the game and will try many different types of chess variations? If you are and you also like to play chess online then check out these suggestions.

What would you say about a game of kriegspiel chess online? You have no idea what is kriegspiel and you donít get it why it should be played online. Yep, I understand why you are so surprised and this is why without any delay I will explain it.

Kriegspiel chess is kind of chess (invented in Germany) where the player can see only his own pieces. He cannot see the pieces of his opponent. This is why this game must be played online. When you play that game of chess online, the computer informs you when the move is legal or not. The player will also be informed when a pawn can catch a piece on the diagonal and for every other rule which should be followed.

This is a perfect game of chess which can be played online with your friends or with other opponents all over the world. Right now Kriegspiel chess is most popular in Germany which is not a surprise because the game was invented there. So, if you decide to play that game of online chess, you should be well prepared with your German.

Kriegspiel chess, among with Fischer chess and dice chess is getting more and more popular among these people who love playing chess online. This is why in Germany many chess online web sites are offering kriegspiel chess sections for all the enthusiasts who want to try playing that version of this most beloved game.